Phase I | Design Process

February 2016- Cami begins sketching designs and putting together her design concept for Spring 2017. The designs are inspired by past designs that have gotten good response, customer/boutique feedback, new runway trends, and vintage style.

March 2016: Once the collection sketches are complete, Cami heads to NYC to source new materials and fabrics for the designs. In her travels, Cami finds new fabrics, notions and trims that will compliment the collection.

April-May 2016: With the design and sourcing phases complete, Cami begins sampling each new style for the collection. She finds it very important to personally try on the garments through every phase of sampling, to measure fit, balance and overall design.


Phase II | Campaign Design

June 2016: Once all of the designs have been sampled in each color option, Cami and her team begin planning the Spring 2017 photo shoot!

July 2016: The Spring Collection photo shoot occurs! This is Cami’s favorite phase of the collection because it is when the collection comes to life.

August 2016: The Spring Collection product shots, and lifestyle photos are edited and put together for wholesale and retail advertising.


Phase III | Distribution

September 2016: Cami and her team head to NYC, Atlanta, and Dallas to sell the new collection to wholesale vendors.

October 2016: Once all of the wholesale orders have been received Cami heads to NYC again to begin the manufacturing process.

January 2017: The first pieces of the Spring 2017 Collection are released, with new styles arriving each month from January to June.  Seeing how women style their new Camilyn Beth dresses on social media is always a special moment for Cami, it mean’s the world to her to see women wearing these dresses to truly special occasions in their life!